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#Free Sprinkles Black Velvet Cupcake

Sprinkles is celebrating #13 and as such, are feeling mighty generous. They’re giving away to the first 50 a #freebie Black Velvet cupcake. Yummo!

Today only. Friday. April 13.

Free sprinkles black velvet cupcake

#MondayMotivation Mug [Just One Cup a Day]

Gigantic Coffee Mug

We have an awesome Monday Motivation Mug for you today.

Just One Cup A Day Coffee Mug

Since we all need a little (or alot) of inspiration on Monday, thats why the Monday Motivation movement is so popular – especially on social media. Facebook and Twitter both use the #mondaymotivation hashtag every week and lots of peeps chime in with their own #mm version. So every week, we will feature a creative, witty, funny or just plain fab Monday Motivation Mug. 🙂

The mug above was found on (Vat19) and we thought it was perfect for our first MMM post. Do you like?

What do you think of our first pick? Yay or Nay (speaketh your truth below) 📢⬇⬇⬇⬇💯

You can view and grab the (Gigantic Coffee Mug) here at Vat19.

6 Awesome Apps for Android To Try This Month

There’s no shortage of (awesome apps for Android) or for your iPhone. But which apps are worth downloading and which ones don’t cut the mustard. That’s where we come in. Our upcoming (awesome apps for Android round ups) will mention mobile apps which are not only worth downloading but a MUST TRY.

See our first round up below and if you find any of these super useful; please come back here – or to our FB page – and give us a shout out. 🙂

1. Lyft –

This awesome app for Android is all you need for cheap local rides on the fly. In many areas of the city and beyond, Lyft is a better alternative than riding the bus or hailing a cab. Plus a new! feature recently added to the Lyft app is that your ride cost is now listed up front BEFORE you book your ride. Great for those in a hurry and…on a budget. Right. And who isn’t on a budget nowadays. Are you new to Lyft? Have yet to try this awesome Chicago ride sharing service – here’s a coupon code (LYFT BLOG POST) worth $10 off your FIRST ride. How do you sign up? Just download app, enter code above and book your ride. That’s it.

Lyft coupon code: LYFT BLOG POST (click here for app!)

2. Uber –

You’ve most likely heard of Uber, as it has been around a bit longer than Lyft and has a much bigger budget in which to advertise. We personally prefer Lyft, but Uber is good too and definitely serves its purpose. Works the same as Lyft in that you download the app, enter in a coupon code to save on your first ride and then book your Uber driver. Why should you try Uber? Because again as mentioned above, depending on your area and intended destination; using Uber might save you both; some big bucks and definitely time.

Uber coupon code: 4jt7e (click here for app!)

3. Postmates –

Have you heard of Postmates? They’re a local on demand delivery service that many use to get eats to them. Lots of local restaurants use Postmates and if they’re located in your area; this app is a must try. Why? Because you can have your fave food delivered to your door inexpensively, quickly AND via a delivery person who may sustainably walk or bike to your place. Some drive, but many walk or bike their food order deliveries.

Postmates App: (click here for app!)

4. Time Out App –

Time Out (the magazine) is a treasure trove of goodies when it comes to listing local events, new! happenings and or chronicling the latest and greatest in Chicago. The Time Out app also delivers fresh content but in the palm of your hand via their awesome Android or iPhone app. From the newest plays to the best places to wine and dine and a splendid most useful calendar of events; the this local app is a must download.

Time Out App – (click here for app!)

5. Stand In –

This is a newer app from a local Chicago resident that aims to bridge the gap between Craigslist and paid apps for finding dates or friends. The Stand In App is about helping you find a “stand in” for that event you have coming – and need someone to take the place of friend or family member. I quite like the concept behind this awesome app. Hopefully it takes off, becomes wildly successful with lots of new members and becomes a go to app for finding local peeps to hang with.

Stand In App – (click here for app!)

6. Figo –

Figo is as you might have guessed is a pet related app. But not just any pet related app, it’s a pet insurance app created right here in Chicago – by Chicago tech peeps. The new! app basically lets you find insurance for your furry friend; be it Fluffy or Fido. Whether you have a dog or cat; the Figo app is great for finding affordable and comprehensive health insurance for your beloved pet. Shout out to Tails Pet magazine, where we found out about this awesome, free and local app for Android.

*The Figo app is set to be released late April to early May.

Figo App – (click here for app information, see Q&A #10)

Happy #OatmealMuffinDay (Plus Recipe)

Image via (Food Network)

Did you know today is Oatmeal Muffin Day. Well, yes it is.

According to the (Holiday Insights) calendar website, today is the day.

Oatmeal is known for its cholesterol lowering propertiies along with its many flavored variations. Do you like blueberries? How about honey?

You can add either or both to your breakfast oatmeal or include in your oatmeal muffin recipe. Speaking of recipes? Below is one we found on our fave food and recipe site – Food Network. Check it out.

Oatmeal Muffin Recipe.

50 Plus Blog Post Ideas for Chicago Bloggers

chicago bloggers blog post ideas photo

chicago bloggers blog post ideas photo

This is my personal list of blog post ideas, that I keep updating as time goes on. As you can see the list has grown to 50 plus ideas. I’ve decided to open up my list for you other local Chicago bloggers. Need ideas for content? Here you go – see my list below.

Good luck! Get to writing!!! (and also remember your blog categories)

The few at the top I scratched off I already wrote about; but there’s still plenty to choose from. And think of these as primers, starters or ideas you can modify according to your specific niche and audience. If you decide to use one, leave a comment below and let me know so I can scratch it off the list and I will do the same. Happy Blogging!

1. 6 Fabulous Chicago Cubs Shirts for the Ladies

2. 6 Great Chicago Cubs Shirts for the Guys

3. Three Easy Ways To Save On Drinking Water/Coffee/Tea for the Summer/Winter

4. WordPress Q&A – What WordPress Questions Do You Have?

5. Blogging Q&A – What Blogging Questions Do You Have?

6. 4 Cool Chicago Based Tech Products and or Companies

7. What’s Your Favorite Chicago Based TV Show? Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, The Good Wife, Mike & Molly

8. What’s Your Favorite Chicago Based Rock Band? Smashing Pumpkins,

9. Actor? harrison ford, george lucas, vince vaughn, joe mantegna,

10. Actress? tina fey, melissa mccarthy, jenny mccarthy,

11. Comedian? steve harvey,

12. Talk Show Host? steve harvey, oprah,

13. News Anchor?

14. Athlete? rizzo, cutler, rose, crawford, butler, noah, arrieta, forte,

15. Cell Phone Service?

16. Cable Service?

17. Chicago Beach?

18. Mini Golf/Golf/Chicago Park/Outdoor Space?

19. Roller Skating/Lazer Tag/Bowling/Batting Cages/Indoor Space?

20. Movie Theater?

22. Parade? pride, st paddys, bud biliken, puerto rican, sports, new years eve, etc

23. Outdoor Pool?

24. Gym?

25. Outdoor Activity? walking, biking, hiking, rock climbing, running, gardening, swimming,

26. Pub?

27. Chicago Baseball Team? Cubs or Sox

28. Ways to Enjoy Chicago During the Summer on The Cheap?

29. Ways To Mini Splurge As a Family in Chicago During the Summer?

30. Ways to Mini Splurge As a Single in Chicago During the Summer?

31. Golfer?

32. Chicago blogger?

33. Chicago blog?

34. Chicago news site?

35. Chicago entertainment website?

36. Fave Summer Staycation Spot in Chicago?

37. Fave Name Brand Discount Retailer? Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Outlet Malls,

38. Arcade Bar?

39. Fave Chicago radio station? B96, 101, 103,

40. Free health and or medical services in Chicago – annual eye exams for kids, free screenings, senior services, blood drives, etc.

41. Free tech support in Chicago –

42. Free condoms and pregnancy testing in Chicago –

43. List of service providers in Chicago – dog walkers, massage, nails, haircut, fitness/diet consultations, tax prep/help, mortgage consultation, blogging, websites, grocery delivery service, free food such as food pantries, elder care, pet care, lawn service, snow removal service, handyman work, junk haul away, house cleaning, house painting, Holiday decor/x-mas tree removal, heating and cooling, catering, tech help, pet sitting, travel help, disaster relief, storm shelters,    and more.

44. List of free B-day stuff in Chicago – food, drinks, desserts, appetizers, services, coupons, discounts and deals

45. Xmas – ways to decorate on the cheap, ways to do secret Santa on the cheap, great gift ideas under $50, gift ideas under $10,

46. Holiday – ways to celebrate on the cheap, cooking, baking, DIY gifts and decor,

47. Superbowl – football cookies, football clothing and accessories, halftime party ideas, halftime food ideas, party theme ideas in general,

48. Gift Ideas – techie stuff such as cell phone cases, portable chargers, iPad cases, kindle cases, cell phone and tablet accessories, cell phone purses,

49. Etsy Finds – cool finds on Etsy for Xmas gift ideas

50. Black Friday – gift ideas, deals and discounts, how to save, best deals on outerwear, tech; music, movies, cell phones, TV’s, laptops, tablets, jewelry, boots.

51. Chicago Bloggers Round Up – article round up of local Chicago bloggers.

52. Virtual Holiday Secret Santa from Local Bloggers

53. Awareness and or Fundraising Blog Post – for your favorite charity or cause

What Do You Want To Learn? #Dabble May Help

diy furniture painting chicago dabble class

diy furniture painting chicago dabble class

DIY Furniture Painting by Dabble Teacher Bernadette Kemper

Have you heard of Dabble? It’s an online marketplace for classes and workshops.

Everything from how to make your own wine to DIY furniture and how to sew to learning how to make awesome specialty drinks and all sorts of food items.

Dabble has a class offering in almost anything you can think of. And it’s all offered up by regular folks like you and me – who just happen to have the talent, skills or experience with the subject matter. The classes vary from 3 hours to a few days and costs as little as $25 to a few more dollars.

Classes and workshops are offered here locally throughout Chicago, you can search by name, category, day or simply browse through the many listed grid style on the homepage of site.

I would love to learn:

  • sewing
  • painting
  • how to Waltz dance class
  • jewelry making 101
  • stained glass workshop
  • calligraphy
  • and a host of other things

What do you want to learn? Tell me on Facebook.

Have you already tried something on Chicago Dabble? If so, tell us what and how did it go.

Where To Score Superbowl Sweets in Chicago: Cupcakes, Cookies and Pies

superbowl cupcakes seahawks patriots at sprinkles chicago

Hosting a Superbowl party, dinner or just a nice family get together? If so, and are looking for sweets to complement everything you will have there; such as finger foods, tacos, mini burgers, pizza or whatever awesome menu you have planned – not to mention the drinks. We have the list for you.

We called a few good places in Chicago, some local bakeries and awesome pie shops and found a few that indeed mentioned they will have Superbowl or football themed sweets for YOUR party. See them below in no particular order – contact info follows each one.

First – who are you rooting for? Tell us below.

We are rooting for Seattle – Go Seahawks! 🙂

1. Sprinkles (Chicago) –

superbowl cupcakes seahawks patriots at sprinkles chicago

This cool north side bakery will custom order any football or Superbowl themed cupcake order you place. And they do same day orders, even with as little as 2 hours notice according to the friendly gal I spoke to on the phone. They also do have a Super Bowl Sunday 12 pack, of 6 red velvet and 6 vanilla cupcakes ready for pick up. I’ve had their cupcakes and they are delish! Very cute place, too. Fun fact: this particular location, has a fun cupcake ATM machine. Yes! it dispenses a variety of flavored cupcakes in a cute box for I believe less than $6.

ITEM: Superbowl or Football themed cupcakes

Sprinkles Chicago

50 E Walton, 60611



2. Pierre’s Bakery (Berwyn) –

This established bakery in the West Burbs will create any football or Superbowl themed cake via a custom order and in time for Sunday. The sooner you call to place your order, the better your odds of getting your sweet cake on time. I would call the bakery at the number below and check on the timing to ensure you get your cake on time for the big game. We love this place, they rock.

Pierre’s Bakery

6310 W Cermak Road

Berwyn, IL 60402



3. Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits (Chicago) –

We called this pie shop and were told they will have a special pie for Superbowl Sunday. Below is how they describe it. Talk about unique. <3

The time for “Super Pie” is here. Pretzel crust, chocolate ganache, malted marshmallow and stout caramel.

Bang Bang Pie Shop

2051 N California

Chicago, IL 60647



4. (national) –

We found fantabulous Super Bowl cookies online via 1-800 – these were just too cute to pass up. BUT SHIPPING HAS PASSED – YOU WILL NOT GET THESE IN TIME FOR THE GAME. I thought I would feature them, because they’re awesome and because you can always order them next year. They carry NFL team specific (Patriots or Seahawks) cookies and cookie cakes or Superbowl specific varieties.

30-32 Church Street

Winchester, MA 01890

1.800.827.9870 (FYI! these will NOT ship in time for game day)

Enjoy the game! We hope the best team wins and I personally am totally looking forward to Katy Perry at half time. 🙂

Writer Submissions Wanted for Chicago Themed Articles

Hello Chicago

Hello Chicago

We’re seeking writer submissions for Chicago themed articles. You don’t have to live in the Windy City to participate, but it would be great if you did.

See a few examples of the type of articles we’re seeking: (and the guidelines)

  • 5 Fun But Low Cost Activities To Do During Winter
  • 4 Free Museums to Visit During The Month of February
  • 3 Awesome Gay Businesses To Patronage this Week (Whether You’re Gay or Not)
  • How To Find Fun Vintage Furniture In Chicago
  • How To Score Great Gently Used Clothing, Shoes and Accessories in Chicago
  • Chicago Fun Runs During The Month of March

As you can see, we like lists type articles. And the more specific or niche, the better.


  1. Article must be 500 words or greater
  2. Links to city groups, organizations, events, etc are encouraged
  3. Byline goes at top of your article and will include a pic – about info – links to your blog and two social media links
  4. Good grammar and spelling please! (You don’t have to be a professional writer – but common sense grammar and spelling is expected)
  5. Accurate info is expected and will be checked
  6. Unique info is a MUST and will also be checked
  7. No photos required – we will find a suitable one

That’s it. When ready, please submit your ARTICLE IDEA via our contact form. Do not send a complete article please, send instead your idea first.

Contact us here.

Thank you for wanting to write for our blog! 🙂