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50 Plus Blog Post Ideas for Chicago Bloggers

chicago bloggers blog post ideas photo

chicago bloggers blog post ideas photo

This is my personal list of blog post ideas, that I keep updating as time goes on. As you can see the list has grown to 50 plus ideas. I’ve decided to open up my list for you other local Chicago bloggers. Need ideas for content? Here you go – see my list below.

Good luck! Get to writing!!! (and also remember your blog categories)

The few at the top I scratched off I already wrote about; but there’s still plenty to choose from. And think of these as primers, starters or ideas you can modify according to your specific niche and audience. If you decide to use one, leave a comment below and let me know so I can scratch it off the list and I will do the same. Happy Blogging!

1. 6 Fabulous Chicago Cubs Shirts for the Ladies

2. 6 Great Chicago Cubs Shirts for the Guys

3. Three Easy Ways To Save On Drinking Water/Coffee/Tea for the Summer/Winter

4. WordPress Q&A – What WordPress Questions Do You Have?

5. Blogging Q&A – What Blogging Questions Do You Have?

6. 4 Cool Chicago Based Tech Products and or Companies

7. What’s Your Favorite Chicago Based TV Show? Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, The Good Wife, Mike & Molly

8. What’s Your Favorite Chicago Based Rock Band? Smashing Pumpkins,

9. Actor? harrison ford, george lucas, vince vaughn, joe mantegna,

10. Actress? tina fey, melissa mccarthy, jenny mccarthy,

11. Comedian? steve harvey,

12. Talk Show Host? steve harvey, oprah,

13. News Anchor?

14. Athlete? rizzo, cutler, rose, crawford, butler, noah, arrieta, forte,

15. Cell Phone Service?

16. Cable Service?

17. Chicago Beach?

18. Mini Golf/Golf/Chicago Park/Outdoor Space?

19. Roller Skating/Lazer Tag/Bowling/Batting Cages/Indoor Space?

20. Movie Theater?

22. Parade? pride, st paddys, bud biliken, puerto rican, sports, new years eve, etc

23. Outdoor Pool?

24. Gym?

25. Outdoor Activity? walking, biking, hiking, rock climbing, running, gardening, swimming,

26. Pub?

27. Chicago Baseball Team? Cubs or Sox

28. Ways to Enjoy Chicago During the Summer on The Cheap?

29. Ways To Mini Splurge As a Family in Chicago During the Summer?

30. Ways to Mini Splurge As a Single in Chicago During the Summer?

31. Golfer?

32. Chicago blogger?

33. Chicago blog?

34. Chicago news site?

35. Chicago entertainment website?

36. Fave Summer Staycation Spot in Chicago?

37. Fave Name Brand Discount Retailer? Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Outlet Malls,

38. Arcade Bar?

39. Fave Chicago radio station? B96, 101, 103,

40. Free health and or medical services in Chicago – annual eye exams for kids, free screenings, senior services, blood drives, etc.

41. Free tech support in Chicago –

42. Free condoms and pregnancy testing in Chicago –

43. List of service providers in Chicago – dog walkers, massage, nails, haircut, fitness/diet consultations, tax prep/help, mortgage consultation, blogging, websites, grocery delivery service, free food such as food pantries, elder care, pet care, lawn service, snow removal service, handyman work, junk haul away, house cleaning, house painting, Holiday decor/x-mas tree removal, heating and cooling, catering, tech help, pet sitting, travel help, disaster relief, storm shelters,    and more.

44. List of free B-day stuff in Chicago – food, drinks, desserts, appetizers, services, coupons, discounts and deals

45. Xmas – ways to decorate on the cheap, ways to do secret Santa on the cheap, great gift ideas under $50, gift ideas under $10,

46. Holiday – ways to celebrate on the cheap, cooking, baking, DIY gifts and decor,

47. Superbowl – football cookies, football clothing and accessories, halftime party ideas, halftime food ideas, party theme ideas in general,

48. Gift Ideas – techie stuff such as cell phone cases, portable chargers, iPad cases, kindle cases, cell phone and tablet accessories, cell phone purses,

49. Etsy Finds – cool finds on Etsy for Xmas gift ideas

50. Black Friday – gift ideas, deals and discounts, how to save, best deals on outerwear, tech; music, movies, cell phones, TV’s, laptops, tablets, jewelry, boots.

51. Chicago Bloggers Round Up – article round up of local Chicago bloggers.

52. Virtual Holiday Secret Santa from Local Bloggers

53. Awareness and or Fundraising Blog Post – for your favorite charity or cause

Riding Daily: Chicago Bicycle Group Run By Darcy Phillips

Riding Daily with Darcy Phillips

Riding Daily with Darcy Phillips

We enjoy profiling cool Chicago entrepreneurs who are running small but fun start ups here in the city, and one such ‘preneur is Darcy Phillips who runs Riding Daily.

Riding Daily is a biking group open to men and women who like to ride and seek a group to join and bike with. It’s open to anyone who wishes to ride and has been around since 2013.

I decided to ask Darcy the founder a few questions on the group and get more insight into why he started the group and benefits of joining.

Riding Daily Biking Group Interview with Founder Darcy Phillips

Q: What inspired Riding Daily and how did you get started with it?

A: Riding Daily was formed by a few friends that had a passion for cycling. As
a lifelong cycling commuter, I was fond of sharing stories about great
rides to and from work. Others told stories of touring and eventually we
decided to create a group that would help others become more familiar with

Q: When did you start it? And how did you go about getting initial

A: We incorporated in January of 2013 with hopes of completing some great
tours around the United States. Rather than create a membership based
group, the goal is to allow individuals and groups sign up for tours that
are convenient to their location and schedule.

Q: How many members (approx) are currently a part of Riding Daily?

A: There is a floating number of folks helping out ranging from 2-6 at any
given point. Of course, we are looking to expand.

Q: Where do you guys tour, where do you tend to ride within the city?

A: In 2014, tours took place in Chicago, IL and Lake Geneva, WI. We are open
to going all over the country.

Q: What sets your biking group apart from all the other local biking
groups around?

A: We provide rental bikes, support and gear vehicles, and overnight trips! We
also provide high performance rental road bikes to hotel guests to cruise
around the city.

Q: How does one join and or become a part of the group? Is there a fee, or
an application, and or a website, etc.

A: In 2014, our tours were fee based. provided the dates of
tours and rates. The website is currently down as we rethink our strategy.
Please check for the latest information.

Q: What future goals do you have planned for Riding Daily?

A: To continue to explore beautiful cities and landscapes throughout the
country on 2 wheels.

Q: Are you guys on social media? If so, where.

Twitter: @riding_daily

If you want to join or inquire more on Riding Daily, visit the Facebook page link above. Hope you enjoyed this mini interview into one of our very own Chicago Entrepreneurs. 🙂

image via (Riding Daily)

Mercy Hospital $30 Plus 30 Minutes Heart Healthy Campaign

National Heart Month

National Heart Month

Mercy Heart Hospital is having an awesome heart healthy campaign wherein 30 minutes of your time, plus a $30 fee can net you some life saving heart screenings.

According to an ad in my local Gazette, Mercy Hospital Chicago is offering a series of screenings for men over 40 and women over 45. Or those who have a family history of heart disease.

FYI – Did you know that February is also National Heart Month.

Mercy’s $30/30 Heart Screen Includes:

  • 12-lead EKG
  • Cholesterol profile
  • Diabetes screening
  • Blood Pressure Management
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Height and Weight Check
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease Assessment
  • Customized report by Mercy’s Expert Cardiology Team

To take advantage of this great health opportunity, see contact info below:

Mercy Hospital Chicago

Phone: 312.567.6088


FREE BASIC SCREENINGS INFO: Mercy Medical also has basic free screenings throughout the month of February; including for blood pressure, for cholesterol and more. But these free screenings are only available on certain dates and at certain locations. See this page for the dates and locations.