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Wacky Shirt Wednesday [Free Contradictions $1.00]

Free Contradictions $1.00 T-shirt

This fun tee was found on our fave T-shirt site – Snorg Tees.

As part of our new! weekly (Wacky Shirt Wednesday) this is the very first tee we put a spotlight on. Do you like? If so, use the hashtag below and feel free to share share share! 🙂


P.s. Which image do you like best? Dude wearing the shirt or the shirt banner by itself.

free contradictions $1.00 tshirt

via: (Snorg Tees)

New! for 2015 – The Most #Unique and Awesomest #Chicago Summer #Tshirt Ever

chicago summer 2015 t shirt

I just designed this unique Chicago Summer tee that captures a little bit of the essence of our wonderful city. See it below.

 chicago summer 2015 t shirt

grab one here – Chicago Summer 2015 T shirt

The white v neck t shirt features the words Lakefront, Lou Malnati’s, Cutler and Rizzo – which to me, pretty much sums up all the things I love about Chicago. I know Cutler is Winter, but I had to include him as he is very well known as a Chicagoan and c’mon he makes the sport of football an edge of your seat ride. He’s anything but dull.

Enough about Cutler, back to my t shirt. You can grab it now online via Teespring which is a cool site similar to Kickstarter in that you have to set and reach your goal of sales in order for the item to go out. Mine is 10, so help me reach that goal and in the process you score yourself the most unique and awesomest Chicago t shirt anywhere.

Love Chicago? Say it loud and proud with this one-a-kind tee that beautifully captures the spirit of the Windy City.

Shipping is only $3.99 per shirt in the USA and if you buy one, I promise to sign it – so long as you live in Chitown. A photo will also be taken and this pic will go on my Instagram with the hashtag (#bestChicagotshirtEVER) – by me taking the photo, you agree to let me post the photo.

Grab the best 2015 Summer Chicago tee here – then let me know, by leaving me a comment below. Thanks!

Help me reach my goal, or the shirts WON’T print. Boohoo! Let’s have some fun and bring these shirts into the world.

***This Teespring campaign ends June 2nd. You have till now and June 2nd to grab the tee. Good luck!

What Do You Want To Learn? #Dabble May Help

diy furniture painting chicago dabble class

diy furniture painting chicago dabble class

DIY Furniture Painting by Dabble Teacher Bernadette Kemper

Have you heard of Dabble? It’s an online marketplace for classes and workshops.

Everything from how to make your own wine to DIY furniture and how to sew to learning how to make awesome specialty drinks and all sorts of food items.

Dabble has a class offering in almost anything you can think of. And it’s all offered up by regular folks like you and me – who just happen to have the talent, skills or experience with the subject matter. The classes vary from 3 hours to a few days and costs as little as $25 to a few more dollars.

Classes and workshops are offered here locally throughout Chicago, you can search by name, category, day or simply browse through the many listed grid style on the homepage of site.

I would love to learn:

  • sewing
  • painting
  • how to Waltz dance class
  • jewelry making 101
  • stained glass workshop
  • calligraphy
  • and a host of other things

What do you want to learn? Tell me on Facebook.

Have you already tried something on Chicago Dabble? If so, tell us what and how did it go.