Welcome to #DaSocks (information page!)

5000 socksWhat is #DaSocks all about?

Essentially we’re a local Chicago based resource dedicated to the collection and donation of the #1 most *requested item in homeless shelters.

Yes! socks.

Unused a/k/a brand new clean socks for men and women are the most requested item in homeless shelters. Who knew! I didn’t.

We thought to ourselves – socks are inexpensive, readily available in most stores and online; people might be inclined more easily and quickly to donate this item versus other items needed. So why not try to hold sock drives, sock donation collections, etc and distribute accordingly where needed.

Did you know that the #1 most requested item in homeless shelters is socks. Yes! socks. Help us collect and donate to local shelters. #dasocks Click To Tweet

We plan to go to local homeless shelters and see where the need is and then help out where we can.

If you want to help out as well? Awesome! We are super happy 🙂 to have you join in and help out too. You can donate socks directly to us – we will pick up (or you can drop off; at our sister site for donations – Extreme Realty located at 1921 N Harlem Avenue, Chicago 60707 #773.875.2400)

You can help in various ways, such as:

  1. Donate #socks

  2. Donate funds

  3. Hold a #DaSocks drive

  4. Share our page!

5000 socksOur goal is collect 5,000 brand new socks for men and women by December 15th and then distribute to area shelters.

What? – Socks! Socks! Socks!

When? – December 15th

Where? – Extreme Realty 1921 N Harlem Ave Chicago 60707

Why? – To collect and donate warm crew socks for men, women and kids in area homeless shelters.

 Again our goal is to collect 5,000 pairs of socks by December 15th. Join us!!! 🙂