FREE Lyft Credit For New Users: 5 Ways To Score Them

lyft free credit

lyft free credit

If you’re looking for free Lyft credit for new users, in this article we highlight a few ways to score some.

With free credit from Lyft you can ride for a few dollars or yes! even free. (But please do tip your driver!) Tips are welcome and appreciate. 🙂

Ok. See our list of ways to net some free Lyft credit for new users. (these tips are not for existing users, that’s another article)

  1. Friends –

Reaching out to friends is one of the fastest ways to score Free Lyft credit. Call or text your buddies who you know use the popular ride sharing service and ask if they have any promo codes available. If they’re Lyft users, chances are – they WILL have codes. As the old saying goes, “Ask and you shall receive”. So ask.

2. Social Media –

Another great method to find codes for Lyft is via social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. You can post an update that you;re looking for Lyft credit and then wait about a nano second for a reply. Most likely if any of your friends use Lyft; you’ll get a code asap. Another way is to visit the Lyft FB page itself and see if any are posted for members.

3. Bloggers –

Bloggers (like me) usually have codes for many different companies and brands, including Lyft and Uber. Just reach out to the bloggers you know or follow and search on their blog. Search for Lyft codes, Lyft discount code, Lyft promo code, Lyft credit, etc.

Yes! We have one for you, see it below.

Code: BLOGPOSTCODE (in caps – all one word, no spaces)

4. Coupon Sites

Coupon sites also have Lyft promo codes although many times they’re not the most recent. Having said that we still feel this is a good place to check. Try Retail Me Not and Coupon Cabin.

5. Local Flyers –

We see flyers, business cards and postcards all the time posted locally; such as in coffee shops, bars, laundry mats, auto repair places, grocery stores,  etc. These usually have good codes on them, just always check the expiration date of promo.

As you can see there are quite a few ways to score free Lyft credit for new users.

If you’re still having trouble, contact me ASAP as I always have promo codes available. 🙂

Get your ride on today!

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