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How To Detox from Your Smartphone, Plus #TheColorRun 2015

smartphone detox the color run graphic

We all do it. We all check our phones or tablets every 10 seconds. Let’s face it – we’re addicted to social media, shopping online, browsing products and services on the go, Googling a/k/a searching and the web in general.

How do we stop this madness???

How do we at least lessen it some.

What about you. What are your thoughts on the smartphone detox ideas below?

smartphone detox the color run graphic

The guys and gals over at The Color Run – which by the way is a super fun 5k race/walk – have on their blog a copy of a great info graphic on how to “DETOX FROM YOUR SMARTPHONE”. It’s a daily step by step on what to do and how to lessen your cell usage. See it above. The Color Run team is all about healthy living and pursuing an active lifestyle, so this graphic hit home for them and us. That’s why we’re sharing it here, too.

If you live in Chicago, the next Color Run is Saturday 10/17 in Champaign, IL.

This is a fun 5k race/walk but it also raises funds for charity, and the particular charity that will benefit for this race is the The United Way.

Going back to the graphic above, Friday and Saturday seem especially kind of hard to do – for die hard social media addicts, right?

Friday – Go out to dinner and leave your phone at home. Really? (I don’t know about this one. I can easily see myself not using my phone during dinner, but leaving it at home entirely. I don’t think so.)

Saturday – Do not look at or post to social media. (at all) Wow! (this seems difficult, but yes! it is very doable) I can do this one.

What about you. What are your thoughts on the smartphone detox ideas above?


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