How To Find a Good Used #Bike for Sale in #Chicago

how to find used bikes in chicago

If you’re looking to enjoy the city this Summer via more exercise such as biking, but need a good bike to do so with. This article is for you. We discuss a few ways to find a good used bicycle right here in the Windy City at a fair price.

See our ideas below. If you recently bought a used bike (not) via any of the methods noted below; please chime in and tell us where you got it and was it a good deal, good bike, good experience, etc. You can also let us know what bike you got – feel free to show it off in a pic.

1. Facebook –

Your Facebook profile itself could net you a good used bicycle if you have a lot of friends and family members on your account and you post that you’re looking for a bike. But there is another way. There are now lots of local “for sale” groups that exist on Facebook that allow you to post and browse for a variety of items including used bikes. Many are set by neighborhoods such as Facebook Bucktown For Sale Group, Naperville Facebook For Sale Group, etc. Look for your town via a search like this “town name for sale group” and see if one already exists. It may or may not. Also look in your surrounding towns. As usual be careful and use the proper precautions when meeting someone to look at or buy something. Meet in a public place and talk to the person by phone first to make arrangements. Many people have scored all kinds of goodies via these for sale Facebook groups. From clothing to shoes and used furniture to tech gadgets and yes! – used bikes. Good luck.

2. Bike Shop/Flea Market –

Many bike shops sell both new and used bikes. However, their selection of used bikes might not come with a big discount. They may just be a tad less expensive than the new models they carry. Do keep this in mind if you’re not looking to spend several hundred dollars on a used bike. But if a good brand and reliable repair service ARE something you’re looking for as part of your purchase; then a used bike from a traditional shop might be your best option. Another option is your local flea market or swap mart. Some carry used bikes, some don’t. I would call in advance to see if your local flea market or swap mart carries bikes to avoid the trip if they don’t. But if they do, this could be another way to find a great gently used bike for this and next Summer.

3. Craigslist –

This is usually the first place that many Chicagoans turn to when looking for something used to buy. From furniture to clothing and cars to tech; even jobs. When looking for a used bicycle in Chicago this is also a good option. Craigslist has a “for sale” category and a “bike” sub-category and in this sub category you can browse bikes by price, location or type in a make and model in the search bar.  There will be many to choose from, so browse around a while. I hope you score a great bike at a great price. If so, do come back here and feel free to share away.

4. Family & Friends –

This is the old stand by. Asking around your network of friends and family whether through a social site or just via texting, calling, etc. You can let your F&F know that you’re in the market for a good used bike and if they happen to have one for sale. Many times people will upgrade and buy a new bike in early Summer and sell or hand down the older model to someone. Ask around and see; you never know who has what – unless you ask.

There you go. Four excellent ways to find a good used bike for sale locally and possibly even at a great price. Try one or all methods above and do come back here and let me know what you found.

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