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6 Awesome Apps for Android To Try This Month

There’s no shortage of (awesome apps for Android) or for your iPhone. But which apps are worth downloading and which…

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Ride Sharing Industry Link Round Up – #1

If you run a ride share or ride sharing blog and want to be part of the 1st ever ride…

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3 Surefire Ways To Refer New Passengers to Lyft

Are you wanting to increase your Lyft income by referring new passengers? If so, we have a few good ideas…

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FREE Lyft Credit For New Users: 5 Ways To Score Them

If you’re looking for free Lyft credit for new users, in this article we highlight a few ways to score…

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10 Fun Facts About Lyft

Have you been hearing a lot lately about this new ride sharing service called Lyft? Basically it’s like Uber, but…

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What Did You Do During Weather Warm Up This Past Weekend?

We like to run informal fun polls on the blog now and then to get a pulse of what our…

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Happy #OatmealMuffinDay (Plus Recipe)

Image via (Food Network) Did you know today is Oatmeal Muffin Day. Well, yes it is. According to the (Holiday…

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Tuesday Resource of the Day

DEAL OF THE DAY Flash Sale: 30% off orders over $50 at with code QUICK30 – deal expires 9am…

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NEW! Web Content Service: Blog Posts and Articles (Various Niches)

As a blogger and writer for hire, I know the tremendous demand for web content and how some blog owners…

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4 Ways To Stay Current On Blogging News…

If there’s one thing you can count on when it comes to the blogging world is…change. From social media to…

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Top 5 Chicago Deal Sites (For this #Weekend)

Deal sites have been around for quite a while now, and since then many have come and gone – while…

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50 Plus Blog Post Ideas for Chicago Bloggers

This is my personal list of blog post ideas, that I keep updating as time goes on. As you can…

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How To Detox from Your Smartphone, Plus #TheColorRun 2015

We all do it. We all check our phones or tablets every 10 seconds. Let’s face it – we’re addicted…

Jake Arrieta in Wild Card Game - Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates
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Chicago Cubs Head to the 2015 NLDS – #GoJakeArrietaGo

What a game it was. Right from the start pitcher Jake Arrieta led the team by striking out Pirate after…

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Chicago Bloggers Local Link Up – 9/10/2015 #MidwestBloggers

I am borrowing this idea from the Virginia Bloggers blog and membership site. They’re a city blog that promotes local…

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Techie Friday: Your Blogging, WordPress & Social Media Questions Answered

We’ve decided to make Fridays here – Techie Friday. So get your blogging, WordPress and social media questions lined up…