First 10 Things To Do As A Newbie Blogger

newbie blogger to do list

If you just created a new blog or in the process of creating one, this quick guide will give you a few tips on initial things to do as a new blog owner.

Establishing and managing a blog is an ongoing process especially with the many changes that blogging, WordPress and the online world in general have in store for us; it can easily overwhelm anyone – especially newbie bloggers. I cover initial first steps in a variety of blog categories including site set up, site design, site content and social media.

See my tips below and do chime in with your comments or questions. If you’re a new blog owner – feel free to mention your blogs name, idea behind the blog and if you have already started with it or in the contemplation stage. Let me know below.

  1. Create and Define Your Tagline (a/k/a site mission, purpose, goals) – In my opinion your site’s tagline will determine the direction of your site; as far as content is concerned and also the ads you later decide to go with. Usually many will place the tagline at the top of their blog right below or alongside their logo. This makes it clear to site visitors, what you and your site are all about at a quick glance. Your tagline is an important first step for both you and your reader/visitor – spend time with it and make it really define your site property essence.
  2. Tweak and Define Your Sites Layout (content, widgets, ads, etc.) – your sites layout is also another initial critical first step. Where you place your site elements will help you to keep the look and feel of your site a bit more congruent. For a new blog owner, this can get muddled fast simply because there are so many widgets and gadget’s one can add to their site. From where to place your LIKE ME Facebook box to ad placement and your email list sign up box, etc – you will at one point scream for minimalism.
  3. Set Up Social Media Integration – as soon as you have decided on your blogs name and secured it through a registrar and you’re officially the owner of said name; you should then look it up or maybe look it up (BEFORE) and make sure it’s available through whatever social media platforms you plan to use. If available, claim your stake – and once you have set up said pages and accounts; decide where and how you’re going to integrate them on your blog. You have several options including; manually adding a script, using a WordPress plugin or maybe a third party app is available.
  4. Set Up A Content Calendar – a content calendar is where you set up your content ideas in advance. This could be a few days, weeks or even months. Most major magazines have a content calendar and now so do bloggers. I myself do not have one but have been meaning to for quite some time, I think implementing one would help me (and you) in several ways; it would help me with updating the site more often;  let my readers know in advance about what’s coming up next on the blog and generally get more focus when it comes to our content.
  5. Set Up Social Media (Automated or Manual) Postings – lots of bloggers prefer to automate their social media to save time. Lots of time. When starting out this might not be a big issue, but as your blog audience grows and you get more popular be it with more traffic, readers or both; you might want to automate your postings. This could mean using a WordPress plugin or third party app such as Buffer, Post Planner, etc. There are many of them on the web; which one is best for you – only you can determine. Some bloggers are fiercely against automating stating it takes away from the organic nature of social media, while others find it to be an absolute necessity. Research both options and see which one fits best for you and your blog.
  6. Integrate Site Analytics ASAP – this simply means adding a traffic tracker to your blog. One of the most popular (and free) site analytic trackers on the web is Google Analytics. You sign up for an account on their site, they give you a code, you add this code to your blog – and voila! anyone who visits is tracked. This is helpful is numerous ways. For one, you will know where your traffic is coming from – is it Facebook? Pinterest? Google Search, Images, Email, etc. Google Analytics will tell you all you need to know and more. Do this from DAY ONE of creating your blog!
  7. Site Goals Will Determine Site Promo Ideas – going back to number one on this list, your tagline and overall site purpose will determine which of the MANY promo ideas you can/should/will try. If you offer a service and the primary goal of your blog is to generate leads for said service; then email marketing is probably going to be a good promo idea for you. If you plan to use your blog to sell products; maybe (image driven) Pinterest is going to be your top traffic driver. Or could be Facebook. Until you try whichever idea or ideas you decide to go with, you wont entirely know what promo ideas work best.
  8. Put Up that proverbial “OPEN” sign (let others know) – this means to let the world know you now have a blog and are open; so come on by. Mention on social media, email your friends and family, and generally – just get that initial word out.
  9. Invest in Your Web Presence – this is something I recently got hip to, as a fellow blogger wrote on the topic and I finally realized the value in this idea. Investing in your blog is basically a good way to save time, money and many headaches. Essentially by investing in a class, workshop, ebook, mentor group, etc – you’re learning from the mistakes of others. You’re shortening the learning curve on whatever topic or blog category you need help with.
  10. Set Up Initial Monetization Campaign – some bloggers argue why add ads to a new blog if no one is visiting it yet. This is debatable, as other bloggers (like myself) say – why not. It doesn’t hurt to try and see what makes money for you from the very beginning. You might learn that Adsense is great choice for you, and others will learn affiliate marketing is a much better way to go. All this will come with time – trial and error. There’s really no sure way to know which ad model is right for you, till you implement some and give it a go. Why not start from day one.

These are some initial ideas to get you going in the right direction as a new blog owner. These are all things I’ve learned over time need my attention and time. So I figured I would pass along these tips so that you too (now) know what to add to your already full blogger to do list.

Stay tuned for (part two) of this article – as there are many more blog category areas to cover. Follow on FB to get notice when I publish my next post.

p.s. If you’re a new blog owner – feel free to mention your blogs name, idea behind the blog and if you have already started with it or in the contemplation stage – below in comments.

p.s.s. If you need help with any of the above, I do offer a Newbie Blogger Support service. Reach out to me and I will help you with any of the above.