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Writer Submissions Wanted for Chicago Themed Articles

Hello Chicago

Hello Chicago

We’re seeking writer submissions for Chicago themed articles. You don’t have to live in the Windy City to participate, but it would be great if you did.

See a few examples of the type of articles we’re seeking: (and the guidelines)

  • 5 Fun But Low Cost Activities To Do During Winter
  • 4 Free Museums to Visit During The Month of February
  • 3 Awesome Gay Businesses To Patronage this Week (Whether You’re Gay or Not)
  • How To Find Fun Vintage Furniture In Chicago
  • How To Score Great Gently Used Clothing, Shoes and Accessories in Chicago
  • Chicago Fun Runs During The Month of March

As you can see, we like lists type articles. And the more specific or niche, the better.


  1. Article must be 500 words or greater
  2. Links to city groups, organizations, events, etc are encouraged
  3. Byline goes at top of your article and will include a pic – about info – links to your blog and two social media links
  4. Good grammar and spelling please! (You don’t have to be a professional writer – but common sense grammar and spelling is expected)
  5. Accurate info is expected and will be checked
  6. Unique info is a MUST and will also be checked
  7. No photos required – we will find a suitable one

That’s it. When ready, please submit your ARTICLE IDEA via our contact form. Do not send a complete article please, send instead your idea first.

Contact us here.

Thank you for wanting to write for our blog! 🙂