#Free Sprinkles Black Velvet Cupcake

Sprinkles is celebrating #13 and as such, are feeling mighty generous. They’re giving away to the first 50 a #freebie Black Velvet cupcake. Yummo!

Today only. Friday. April 13.

Free sprinkles black velvet cupcake

#Cubs Opening Day (And 1st Pitch of Game?) Video

Today is the Cubs opener and so far what an opener its turned out to be. Wowza! 👊

Check out the video below which showcases the very 1st pitch of the game.


Yep! A homer right off the bat (no pun intended) from Ian Happ on first pitch. What an awesome way to begin what I feel is going to be an amazing #Cubbies baseball season. 🍻

Feel free to share the video above with all your Cubbie loving friends. (Or anyone into the Sox) 👎

For the 2018 Cubs Scheduleclick here! You can view the schedule or print a copy out for your wallet or wall. Next game is tomorrow night Friday, 03/30 at 6:10pm in Florida against the Marlins.


Cubs 2018 schedule

How To Build Your Personal Brand with Twitter Chats and #AndreaVilleneuve

Are You A #LatinaGeek – if so, Grab Your @LatinaGeeks Tee Today!

I’m a member of Latina Geeks, a very awesome group of ladies who are all about the tech and the geek.

As the name suggests, we are also all about our Latinaness. So if you’re a loud and proud Latina Geek, consider becoming a part of the movement and supporting the cause.

You can join here – Latina Geeks!

p.s. They now have a groovy tee ❤ as well, so you can show off your allegiance. The T-shirt is pictured below and yes! ✅ you can grab one online today – via their site. 💯

Saturday Side Hustle [Postmates]

Postmates delivers

Just about everyone I know (myself included) is looking for  a side hustle opportunity. Today’s economy is rough and as such – we’re all looking for that extra paycheck since one just doesn’t cut it anymore. Right?

I think this is also why there’s a “gig economy” now. You know companies like Uber and AirBnB. These companies come from the super smarties in Cali, but whats cool about all of these (on demand) type businesses – is that they provide jobs for the masses. Anyone that passes the various requirements and or guidelines put in place, can apply and in many cases start making money right away.

Sign up for Postmates here!

So I created this weekly feature we will call [Saturday Side Hustle]. Each week I will feature a diferent side gig that anyone can try for side income.

I know you’ve heard of Uber, but how anout Postmates? Postmates is another on demand delivery service similar to Uber except that it allows delivery of more items than just food. Need a prescription from Walgreens picked up? Or maybe milk, bread and eggs from your local grocer? Postmates will deliver to your doorstep.

Ready? Sign up here!

What does this mean to you? Well it’s another side income opp. Because Postmates needs local peeps to deliver these items. And my fave thing about this company is that you can gig with them – with or without a car. In fact, I’ve looked at a few of the other similar delivery companies and this is the only one that allows you to deliver by car, bike or on foot. Yes! you can deliver without any vehicle at all. Sweet! 🙂

So even if you don’t have a car or bike, you can still sign up and deliver for Postmates.

How to apply: You can apply here!  ⬅⬅⬅

P.s. I signed up with them last weekend but the local weather here in Chicago is not cooperating. I did manage to do a few deliveries and had no issues. And got paid quickly. I did it on foot and my feedback is as follows:

1.) In between deliveries, where do you wait? I found this awkward. 2.) There can (and will) be downtime between orders as much as 30 minutes or more. Depends on the area you pick. Some spots have heavier demand than others.

All in all I need to do more deliveries in order, to have more feedback. But so far, it was a good experience.

#MondayMotivation Mug [Just One Cup a Day]

Gigantic Coffee Mug

We have an awesome Monday Motivation Mug for you today.

Just One Cup A Day Coffee Mug

Since we all need a little (or alot) of inspiration on Monday, thats why the Monday Motivation movement is so popular – especially on social media. Facebook and Twitter both use the #mondaymotivation hashtag every week and lots of peeps chime in with their own #mm version. So every week, we will feature a creative, witty, funny or just plain fab Monday Motivation Mug. 🙂

The mug above was found on (Vat19) and we thought it was perfect for our first MMM post. Do you like?

What do you think of our first pick? Yay or Nay (speaketh your truth below) 📢⬇⬇⬇⬇💯

You can view and grab the (Gigantic Coffee Mug) here at Vat19.

Freebie Friday [QLink Wireless Free Phone Program]

Qlink wireless free phone program

It’s time for our Freebie Friday post.

Today we showcase the Qlink Wireless free phone program.

How does one qualify? If you receive any of the following assistance, you might qualify:

*Snap/EBT Link

*Section 8


*Veteran Pension


If you’re on any sort of government assistance, you might qualify for a FREE phone from Qlink. And not just any phone, but a brand new Android smartphone with all the bells and whistles.

With Qlink Wireless you get the following:

Lifeline Benefits

  • 1 GB Free Monthly Data
  • 1000 Free Monthly Minutes
  • Free Unlimited Texts
  • Free Voicemail & Caller ID
  • No Bills, Ever
  • No Fees
  • No Credit Check
  • No Contract

To find out if you qualify, simply apply online.

You can apply here! – (this affiliate has discontinued their program, please stay tuned! as we update with a new affiliate)

In the meantime; you can apply directly here: http://www.qlinkwireless.com

Thursday Tech [Honey Chrome Extension]

Honey chrome extension

Honey chrome extension

Can’t recall how I found this money saving Chrome extension, but Honey is beyond awesome.

Honey does what RetailMeNot, Slickdeals and other similar sites can’t do. Automatic Couponing. What do I mean by that. Essentially Honey scours the web, finds a relevant coupon and automagically applies it at checkout. It doesn’t get easier than this, folks.

I first used Honey at (my registrar of choice) NameCheap. Basically after I found the domain name I was looking for, I then headed for checkout and simply clicked the Honey icon on my toolbar. Sure enough after about a minute or so – it found a relevant coupon code, auto applied it to my cart and I saved a few bucks on my purchase. 🙂

You can find Honey at the Chrome store as a free download. My only complaint with this browser extension is just that – its a browser extension and as such can only be used on a desktop or laptop. It isn’t compatible with mobile devices. 🙁 Considering that everything is mobile today, its surprising there’s no app. Yet. We want an Android app please. Unless there’s something we’re misunderstanding with the Honey Chrome extension – why is this only available as an add-on for our toolbar?

But bottom line: If you shop online alot and don’t mind saving money, you will love Honey. And that concludes this edition of Thursday Tech. Stay tuned next week, where we will feature another great tech find.

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Wacky Shirt Wednesday [Free Contradictions $1.00]

Free Contradictions $1.00 T-shirt

This fun tee was found on our fave T-shirt site – Snorg Tees.

As part of our new! weekly (Wacky Shirt Wednesday) this is the very first tee we put a spotlight on. Do you like? If so, use the hashtag below and feel free to share share share! 🙂


P.s. Which image do you like best? Dude wearing the shirt or the shirt banner by itself.

free contradictions $1.00 tshirt

via: (Snorg Tees)