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Blog Post Gal

Glad you found me! @ Blog Post Gal…offers monthly blog content for busy blog owners.

 (Monthly Subscription = Twice a week posts) $349/mo (book below!) MEMORIAL DAY CONTENT DEAL – $240/mo.

Research shows that keeping your blog updated at least once a week keeps your readers, fans and customers engaged and top of mind. (S) (S) (S)

Welcome! Need your blog updated so you can focus on other more pressing activities? Be that social media, email marketing, Pinterest ad management, etc. You focus on the business/marketing side, and we’ll focus on the content side. Sound good? Great!

Yes! we’ll keep your blog current and updated with twice a week posts.

Whether you need short term or long term help – Blog Post Gal is here when needed. 🙂

We can write on a variety of topics/niches, but specialize (and enjoy!) writing about the following:

  • web businesses (small business web marketing, web tools, web resources, etc.)
  • lifestyle (run a lifestyle blog? so do we. we can discuss your content needs and take it from there)
  • food (all things food)
  • tech/gadgets
  • online marketing (all things online marketing)
  • SEO (mostly organic SEO. a/k/a search engine optimization)
  • WordPress (all things WordPress)
  • social media (how to set up, how to market, how to manage)
  • personal finance (financial health, credit/debt, finance apps, tools, etc)

Blog Post Gal has been online and writing for the web since 2008. She’s written for numerous clients (see some of her web content work on the web and below) in a variety of niches and continues to do so. The written word is (and has always been!) her favorite pastime. ~~~her ultimate goal is to become a published and successful author~~~

(social media, marketing,) Sample #1 – 3 Smart Ways To Use Pinterest To Market Your Restaurant

(tech & gadgets, apps, iPhone) Sample #2 – Clever iPhone Apps for College Age Drivers

(web marketing, business) Sample #3 – Side Hustle Series: How To Make Coin With Real Estate Agents

More Samples!

(Niche Categories)

Lifestyle – coming soon!

Personal finance – Three Smart Credit Tips for College Students

Food – coming soon!

Rates? How much does a blogger charge?

[My rate for blog content is generally .10 per word (minimum of 500 words) per post. With a 2 post minimum.] Some bloggers charge per word (as I do), some charge a flat rate per post e.g. $50 per post (regardless of content length) and other bloggers charge on a monthly retainer of X amount of posts per month at a monthly flat rate. Which one is best for you – only you can decide. But this general rate information should give you a good idea on what bloggers charge.

What Should Your Blog Content Schedule Be?

Should you blog once a week, twice a week, or what interval. As mentioned above, the suggested and recommended interval to keep your blog fresh, Google happy and your customers/readers engaged is: twice a week. Once a week at the very least. Rather outsource it? Then I’m your gal. See booking details below.

Ready to book your twice a week blog posts?

 Let’s chat… you first need to contact Blog Post Gal (Missy) to discuss your content needs.  Reach her here! Or use the form below.