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Have You Heard of Task Rabbit Chicago?

mashable task rabbit chicago

mashable task rabbit chicago

I’m wondering if any of my readers have heard of Task Rabbit, the Chicago chapter? If so, please chime in below and share your experience.

Whether as a user of services or as a provider. Please share your thoughts and feedback. I signed up last week as a provider in various categories: and at this point am waiting approval. There’s an application process, background check, etc. So for now am waiting to hear back from the TR Chicago team.

Task Rabbit was founded in 2008 by a female in Boston, and the service has since rolled out to various cities including here in Chicago. It’s essentially a marketplace for tasks. You need some cleaning done, pet sitting, house work or other similar task? Hire a Task Rabbit and for a reasonable fee – they will get the job done.

According to this recent article from Mashable, some Rabbit Taskers are making upwards of $2,000 plus offering their various services. Great read. See it here.

Have you used them? If so, in what capacity – for what service, etc.

Please share below.

***When and if I get my approval, will share my experience with Task Rabbit Chicago and how it fares for me. Will keep you posted.

image via (Mashable)