Want to help people recycle their old devices due to back to school purchases?

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If you happen to know quite a bit of friends and family members who have old or recently used cell phones collecting dust in a drawer, and want to start a mini movement of having these phones recycled or even make some cash out of it – Gazelle is a good choice for your project. Not too mention that with back to school soon in motion, many parents will go out and buy their kids new devices and gadgets. Again Gazelle is a good option to send your or your friends previous generation devices.

Gazelle is one of the leading online electronic recyclers and depending on the age, model and condition of the electronic you send in – you could get some money in the process. If it’s very old and not worth any cash, they will tell you so and instead recycle the device for you. So either way – it’s a win.

Sign up here: Gazelle

Right now if you sign up under my link, I get a small bonus for referring you – as Gazelle is trying to get the word out and raise awareness due to the many back to school gadgets that will be bought in the next few weeks. So when the new devices are bought, what will consumers do with their current devices? You can spread the word on your blog and let them know about Gazelle and how they may possibly make some side cash by sending in their gently used cell phone, tablet, etc to this recycler. If it’s a newer model device like for example an iPhone 4 or 5 – chances are good, they WILL get some cash back.

Spread the good word – and thanks for sharing about this great green and eco friendly Gazelle initiative.

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