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Riding Daily: Chicago Bicycle Group Run By Darcy Phillips

Riding Daily with Darcy Phillips

Riding Daily with Darcy Phillips

We enjoy profiling cool Chicago entrepreneurs who are running small but fun start ups here in the city, and one such ‘preneur is Darcy Phillips who runs Riding Daily.

Riding Daily is a biking group open to men and women who like to ride and seek a group to join and bike with. It’s open to anyone who wishes to ride and has been around since 2013.

I decided to ask Darcy the founder a few questions on the group and get more insight into why he started the group and benefits of joining.

Riding Daily Biking Group Interview with Founder Darcy Phillips

Q: What inspired Riding Daily and how did you get started with it?

A: Riding Daily was formed by a few friends that had a passion for cycling. As
a lifelong cycling commuter, I was fond of sharing stories about great
rides to and from work. Others told stories of touring and eventually we
decided to create a group that would help others become more familiar with

Q: When did you start it? And how did you go about getting initial

A: We incorporated in January of 2013 with hopes of completing some great
tours around the United States. Rather than create a membership based
group, the goal is to allow individuals and groups sign up for tours that
are convenient to their location and schedule.

Q: How many members (approx) are currently a part of Riding Daily?

A: There is a floating number of folks helping out ranging from 2-6 at any
given point. Of course, we are looking to expand.

Q: Where do you guys tour, where do you tend to ride within the city?

A: In 2014, tours took place in Chicago, IL and Lake Geneva, WI. We are open
to going all over the country.

Q: What sets your biking group apart from all the other local biking
groups around?

A: We provide rental bikes, support and gear vehicles, and overnight trips! We
also provide high performance rental road bikes to hotel guests to cruise
around the city.

Q: How does one join and or become a part of the group? Is there a fee, or
an application, and or a website, etc.

A: In 2014, our tours were fee based. provided the dates of
tours and rates. The website is currently down as we rethink our strategy.
Please check for the latest information.

Q: What future goals do you have planned for Riding Daily?

A: To continue to explore beautiful cities and landscapes throughout the
country on 2 wheels.

Q: Are you guys on social media? If so, where.

Twitter: @riding_daily

If you want to join or inquire more on Riding Daily, visit the Facebook page link above. Hope you enjoyed this mini interview into one of our very own Chicago Entrepreneurs. 🙂

image via (Riding Daily)