2 Smart Web Tools Bloggers Should Take A Look At

sumo me email list builder app

sumo me email list builder app

If you spend a good deal of time online blogging, there are a ton of web apps and tools that make browsing, researching or sourcing – easier and faster. We found a few such tools and wanted to share them with you. See them below.

1. Pocket –

Pocket is a free and cool web and smartphone app that allows for easy and quick storing of articles, videos, memes, photos, etc to view and access later. Great for when you’re short on time, but REALLY want to read that article or watch that video later. Which is exactly what I do and how I use Pocket and you can too. It’s free, you can download it on all your various devices such as a tablet, phone and laptop. It syncs from all devices and you can access what you save via any of them. It has a neat and simple interface; not too mention Pocket is just plain fun to use.

As a blogger, it’s great for sourcing material for future articles. For example, you can save an article today that is about a topic you know you plan to write about next week; Pocket saves it in its entirety and you can then view it later when you’re ready to write your blog post.

Try it here: Get Pocket

2. Sumo Me –

Sumo Me is pretty neat and it’s more like a bundle of tools than one item. Sumo Me has the following products which any blogger can use for free and possibly increase website traffic with. My favorite features of Sumo Me is the email list builder and the scroll box for email sign ups. I haven’t yielded many sign ups yet, but that’s because I haven’t promoted the blog at all and there aren’t too many articles on here yet. With time, more content and some promo; the email list builder tool should do well. We shall see.

How about you? Do you see any tools that look like something that could help you increase traffic, readers and or email sign ups? Let me know what you think about this very cool suite of blogger tools – Sumo Me.

  • Email List Builder
  • Heatmaps
  • Social Sharing Tools
  • Content Analytics
  • Image Sharer
  • Smart Bar
  • Highlighter
  • Scroll Box (for email sign ups)

Try it here: Sumo Me

I found these two apps online by accident, most likely on Facebook. But quite happy with both of them and ever since I found them both, I use them for blogging and or simply for my web work tasks.

If you have any web apps which help in your blogging; feel free to let me know on Facebook; let me know what they are and how they’ve helped you.

I’m always happy to hear of new awesome tools and apps that help with blogging. 🙂

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