8 Fun Chicago Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is tomorrow Saturday, February 14th and although I am not celebrating it. I wanted to write a post on what I would be doing or where I would be going, trying etc. if I had a mate/date and were celebrating it.

See my Chicago Valentine’s Day ideas below.

1. Dancing – I’m not about to speak for every woman on the planet, and say we ALL like dancing. But most of us do. I know I do. It’s fun, makes for a GREAT workout and depending on where you go; doesn’t have to be expensive at all. You can choose to try some Salsa, Country Line Dancing, Bachata, Freestyle, Hip Hop, Reggae, Swing, etc and just dance the night away. This is almost always a fun activity and requires two – so it’s perfect for V-day.

2. Indoor Roller Skating – I have to admit I haven’t done this in quite a while, but last time I did; I remember it being quite fun. There are some really nice roller skating rinks in Chicago as I discussed briefly in a previous article. Some of these newer fancier roller rinks include Cosmic skating; which is glow in the dark skating. And some of the larger venues also have bars, bowling, pool and more. This is surely a fun Chicago date night idea.

3. Batting Cages, Burger and Beer – this idea is for the more adventurous and sporty types. Going to local batting cages and hitting some baseballs is not only fun, but a good upper body workout as well. Just try not to over do it. Then after all that exercise, hunger will kick in – what could be better than a burger and beer. Try a local burger joint and have fun discussing your batting cage average.

4. Bar/Cafe Hopping – if you like a fine cocktail, craft beer or good coffee, then maybe bar/cafe hopping could be quite fun, sans driving. Just bring along some friends or get a taxi and pick an area where there are a series of hangouts you can just walk to. If drinking is not your thing, then good coffee or hot cocoa is out there as well and fun to talk and linger over. To keep it on budget, look for the deals and BOGO’s.

5. Arcade Bar – an arcade bar is exactly as its name implies. A giant bar with arcade games placed throughout. Emporium Arcade is one such place on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago that has tons of awesome retro games like the uber popular Pacman among others. They also have a full size bar and a giant screen which they either play movies or music videos on. Definitely a fun place for a date.

6. Hollywood BLVD Cinema – Have you heard of or are familiar with Hollywood BLVD Cinema? It’s a movie house located in Woodridge, IL with built in restaurant features. Each seat in the movie theater is set up with a table in front of it so you can eat while…you watch your awesome flick. This is heavenly to me – a perfect match. When you first arrive at Hollywood BLVD Cinema, you’re given a menu, then you order from the menu and if memory serves me right, the movie comes on and your meal or drink arrives shortly during play. It’s awesome! 🙂

7. Board Game Night – staying in is always nice, especially on those cold wintry nights. So what better way to spend the night than with some fun board games. Games like Monopoly, Sorry, Scattergories and even digital ones like the new game app from Ellen Heads Up. Order some pizza or Chinese food and play games till the sun rises. Ok, or at least till you’ve won enough times to call it quits or lost enough times to never want to play again. Lol.

8. Local Road Trip – if the weather or road conditions are not too bad, then a local road trip can be mega fun. Plan in advance where you’re headed or just pick a random spot on your Chicago map – then pack up for one night and off you go. Make it an adventure! try new restaurants, new hotels, etc.

Have fun. Be safe. And Enjoy!

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