4 Ways To Stay Current On Blogging News…

blogging industry news

blogging industry news

If there’s one thing you can count on when it comes to the blogging world is…change. From social media to content marketing and SEO to blogging design, changes are part of the program.

But what makes blogging challenging is what also makes it fun and interesting.

If it never changed, blogging as we know it would be extinct, and something else would have taken over by now.

One part of blogging – for example social media is a never ending sea of changes – especially Facebook. They’re constantly tweaking and tweaking the site and its many functionalities. So much so, it has changed leaps and bounds from when it first began and was only open to college students. Remember that? Yep! there was a time Facebook was only open to college students and one needed a student email address to sign up. You didn’t have one, you couldn’t sign up.

Lots has changed since then and as long as Mark Zuckerberg is behind the wheel – I imagine it will continue to. This is both good and bad; good in the sense that it’s basically always finding new ways to stay ahead of the curve and be innovative; bad in the sense that we as publishers and bloggers need to constantly keep up with these myriad of changes and that can certainly be quite the challenge. In fact, really it has become a full time task; that’s why we now have social media managers and community managers and such to keep up with what us bloggers sometimes cannot.

However there are several good blogs dedicated to these changes; and that’s where this articles comes into play. Not just social media, but blogging and online marketing in general.

1. Blogging, Alltop.com –

Alltop is a content curator in different topics and one of those topics is blogging, it’s a page with the latest news all about blogging from different sites around the web. From blog marketing to blog security and blog content ideas to WordPress changes; Alltop is a great one stop shop for blogging industry news.

2. Social Media Examiner –

This is the go to resource for all things social media and the one place I always refer anyone who wants info or simply the latest on the major social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. From how to tutorials to the latest apps and tools and the many changes the networks put out, Social Media Examiner is your go to resource. One day they might discuss the new Facebook image cover designs and the next day its all about how Pinterest users can create a public or private group in their accounts. And they discuss the changes in depth with info, exclusive tips, screenshots and many times step-by-step tutorials.

3. Problogger –

Darren Rowse has a category called blog news and its great reading for when you want to catch up on the topic and have the time to do so; your commute to and from work, waiting at the docs office, or maybe make it part of your nightly bedtime reading ritual. He sets it up as a round up series of blogging news and recaps and covers a bit of everything blogging related.

4. Entrepreneur.com Blogging –

The Entrepreneur.com Blogging section is great at gathering news and the latest on tools and apps for bloggers. We see everything from blog success stories to blog trends and lots of helpful blog content ideas.

(Bonus #5) Latina Bloggers Connect Weekly News Round Ups –

We had to add this one to our list as well, as Tracy Lopez does a great job of covering blog news with her LBC weekly blogging round ups which have (recent) blogging tips, trends, news, events, and more which any blogger (Latina or not) can benefit from. We love her content curation and think you will too – have a look and feel free to share any of her tips and or blogging news links with your networks.

It can be difficult to keep up with the many changes blogging has in store for us, but reading and following those who cover the topic exclusively or even occasionally is a great way to stay in touch. The sites mentioned above all do this and are quite helpful in this regard. Follow them via RSS, Facebook or whatever your preference is for reading blog articles and we hope this keeps you abreast of the ever changing awesomeness that is blogging.

***How do you stay current with blogging? Tell me on my Facebook page please.

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