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What Did You Do During Weather Warm Up This Past Weekend?

We like to run informal fun polls on the blog now and then to get a pulse of what our visitors and readers like? This is the first one on the site, please do join in and have some fun with us.

This week the weather here in Chicago has been super great; with it being unseasonably warm, like this past weekend but especially Saturday. It was 61 degrees. Yes! 61 degrees in the middle of January.

With this sweet weather comes all sorts of outdoor activity, right?

Well we didn’t go bike riding or do anything sporty but did clean out the garage and yard – a little Spring/Winter clean up at the house and basically took advantage by going (and staying) outside for a quick minute. It was great to spend a  little time outdoors on the yard/garage and not freeze! 🙂

Aside from that, I did play a bit with my nephew as well and that was sweet. I should’ve taken a pic, boo! to me for not doing so.

How about you? What did you do this past weekend. Did you enjoy the warmer weather – did you stay inside. Share with us below in the comments. (pretty please!)

Did you clean house, like me ? Or go walking, biking, hiking, rock climbing, running or other. If other, what.

Tell us below.

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