50 Words To Use Instead of “Passion”

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passion article imageI was on Facebook the other day or Twitter (can’t recall which) and came across an amazing blue-ribbon post titled “101 Words To Use Instead of “Amazing”. I found it useful, interesting and a fun read. It comes courtesy of Rachel Parker from Resonance Content and it gave me food for thought to come up with my own but with a different word, one used a lot that maybe could be used just a tad less. I think this word gets over used tons and I tend to see it a lot on the web in various articles. Many many articles.

The word in question?


p.s. (another word that is used way too often nowadays and hopefully will go away soon is: “viral” (so very annoying a word) Agree? Disagree?

But for this post, we will concentrate on finding words that can be used in place of passion. Let’s see if we can come up with 50, and if you want – you can join in as well and share a word. Just leave YOUR suggestion(s) in the comment area.

1. purpose

2. calling

3. meaning

4. vehemence

5. drive

6. intense (or intensity)

7. fervor

8. fervidness

9. obsession

10. belief

11. opinion

12. persuasion

13. view

14. stance

15. fondness

16. liking

17. love

18. devotion

19. affection

20. fancy

21. favor

22. admire

23. esteem

24. relish

25. preference

26. enthusiasm

27. appreciation

28. standpoint

29. regard

30. emotion (or emotional)

31. ardor

32. favorite

33. devoted

34. desire

35. crave

36. yearn

37. longing

38. respect

39. pine (or pining)

40. want

41. wish

42. fervency

43. ardency

44. zest

45. sensibilities

46. eager

47. dream

48. vision

49. avidity

50. zeal

What’s your personal favorite from our list to use instead of passion and what other words would you use instead? Tell us below.

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